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    Vetiver by Guerlain

    ** This review is for the Vintage EDC **

    Current formulation Vetiver EDT was one of the first fragrances I tried after discovering Basenotes. Not liking what I sniffed, I immediately dismissed it as smelly old man. Then my Guerlain craze and I was determined to try everything Guerlain. I don't know what happened, but when I tried it again I really, really liked it! So when a bottle of vintage EDC came up I decided to give it a try.

    The fragrance opens with very nice and natural smelling top notes of citrus. I spilled some on my hands while decanting into an atomiser and it just smelled exactly like bergamot and lemon. Didn't quite pick up on the neroli though. The topnotes make way for the vetiver and tobacco, first fresh from the pepper then darker. Sadly, I don't get much wood although there's supposed to be cedar in. All the way through the fragrance there is a very green feeling which I attribute to the tonka bean.

    Two things strike me about this version when compared to the current EDT. First off, it is somehow wetter and sweeter than the current version which is drier. This one also smells less of vetiver and more of moist tobacco. It's not better, just different. The other thing that strikes me is that seven hours into the fragrance I can still smell it on my skin which I think is incredible given that it's an EDC!

    Vetiver, be it vintage or current, EDC or EDT, is an incredibly versatile scent which basically just works in any situation. The only thing is that the wearer has to somehow be adult enough to wear it since it's not suitable for adolescents.

    21st May, 2009

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