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    L'Eau d'Hiver by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    I finally got around to buying this fragrance on which I had my eyes for quite a while! This is a perfume that is so harmoniously blended that it's very difficult to put a finger on which notes are in it. I don´t consider this a typical ´French´ perfume either, although the house is French and Ellena was obviously born into a family of French perfumers.

    Other than experiencing a clear and haylike opening, I'm left with describing the awesome experience that comes with this cute and to my nose very romantic scent. I say it's cute because it's nothing like an in your face sillage monster. Rather, it's a skin scent that I picture wearing sitting in front of a fireplace with my girl next to me drinking a glass of wine while it´s snowing outside. It´s an eau chaude in that the mere wearing of this perfume warms my heart, not because the scent itself smells ´warm´. I don´t think I know of any other fragrance that has this strong an effect on me and for that I thank Mr. Ellena from the bottom of my heart.

    24th December, 2008

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