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    Morning Blossom by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    My impressions of Morning Blossom on paper is that it is a gorgeous bergamot to start, then is joined by subtle blended citruses. There is a lemony quality that reminds me of rosewood essential oil, but eventually it fades, as does the bergamot. As the citrus notes fade, neroli emerges, and it is absolutely stunning--intoxicating, penetrating, sweet and slightly indolic. The neroli lasts a very long time and is of beautiful quality.

    Immediately after applying Morning Blossom on skin, I smell the bergamot and indolic floral. MB has a very fresh but soft roundness to it, green, citric, slightly woody and herbal. I have smelled this particular bergamot as an individual note, and it is unlike other bergamot essences I have smelled. It seems far less like the Earl Gray tea scent I am used to and much more like a cross between grapefruit, bitter lime and lemon peppercorns. After drying, the bergamot settles, and I smell mellow lemon-like rosewood. As the bergamot continues to develop, a beautiful neroli note comes out. I must say that the neroli in Morning Blossom is incredibly beautiful. It is somewhat heady and penetrating, a softly orange-scented white floral with a tiny bit of sweet nuttyness which is almost like coconut. This is the kind of neroli that can be consciousness-altering, especially when I take deep inhalations of it.

    The bergamot mostly burns off while the rosewood and neroli take over. The rosewood stays very indistinct, and seems to be a bridge for the bergamot and neroli. Interestingly, the neroli seems to be the base note in this composition, and as it develops, it becomes creamy while still retaining a good amount of sharpness and definition. In time, the neroli turns much softer and slightly spicy, but still retains a bit of its animalic urine-like edge. Longevity was surprising, about four hours, however, the fragrance does stay close to the skin overall. Today was warm and sunny, and this incredible fragrance bloomed on my skin while I was out in the sun. It is a gorgeous scent--highly recommended.

    27th June, 2009

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