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    Donald Trump The Fragrance by Donald Trump

    The bottle design is not half-bad, reminiscent of Lauder For Men. From Donald Trump, I didn't expect class, but I did expect power - perhaps an Obsession or Z-14 wannabe. Instead, the fragrance is a very thin, grassy water that reminds me of Navy For Men, although Trump is not as poorly constructed. Clearly not much cash went into the concoction of this celebrity tie-in.

    His shirt and tie lines are what you'd expect - ostentatious power business clothes (I even own a few). Had Donald Trump The Fragrance gone along the same lines: over-the-top, in your face, self-consciously masculine, it might have had at least a kitschy enjoyment. Had it been cast against type and smelled subtle and rich, it'd be a pleasant surprise. As it stands, this fragrance is dull and stereotypically drugstore cheap. Not terrible smelling, but irrelevant. I'll give it a neutral as it's not offensively bad and at $8 not pretentiously priced.

    07th September, 2010

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