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    Eau d'HermŤs by HermŤs

    This is one of my favorite fragrances and certainly my favorite unisex fragrance.
    Eau díHermes, on my skin, has two very different faces. Sometimes it is dr Jekyll (a delighted unisex scent) and sometimes it is mr Hyde (a gloomy male scent). Happily, more often itís dr Jekyll.
    Pretty often my office gets the smell of a scent Iím wearing that day. Several days ago I was wearing Eau díHermes. During the day I had to leave the office and I was absent for about 10 minutes. When I returned the office smelt so good. Then I was sure: I love this scent.
    I didnít get any compliments for this one, but I have one very simple maxim: my pleasure is beyond compare more important than a pleasure of the people around me;-)
    Definitely, the soul of this fragrance is cumin.
    Animal? I donít knowÖ if you say so.

    02nd April, 2008 (Last Edited: 13th June, 2008)

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