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    Odeur 53 by Comme des Garçons

    Here's my original review, that I found to be quite pretentious but actually not that bad:

    "A comfort scent of sitting in a garden of pixelized leaves and sunshine that's right next to a pool of soapy water that is filled with sentient robotic fish while being blown on the face by gusts of sweet refrigerated air."

    WARNING: Initially, it smells like nothing, but try over-spraying or over-applying and you might find yourself running to the sink with a headache to wash it off. Even when applied lightly, the sillage and longevity is surprisingly monstrous for such a clean scent. There is a sharp synthetic note in Odeur 53 that I believe to tell the wearer's brain that "Hey! There's something that smells chemically dangerous around you! Here, have a nice headache. This should make you take care of the smell!" However, after a while, your brain gets used to it -- then you can start spraying that 200ml bottle of yours like there's no tomorrow.

    I have sampled both 53 and 71 and I at first have found both to be pretty underwhelming. Initially, I thought that 71 was more interesting/challenging and that 53 was too overly subtle. (note: boring oblivious nothingness) However, a few days ago, I sprayed some GPHII on my body and applied a very little bit of 53 on my hands from my sample vial then went outside. It was very windy that day. I walked around then suddenly I wondered what smelled so nice. I knew that it wasn't the GPHII. Then I realized it was the 53! The combination of the evening breeze with Odeur 53 was in my opinion, strangely amazing.

    I was also surprised at the sillage that was given off. When sniffed up close, it's nothing much to get excited about -- pleasant, but nothing too exciting. Kinda like "my skin but better." When I smell 53, I think of "refrigerated chlorophyll, cellulose, and air." For me, it's a very "green" and transparent frag. A good frag for a windy day. Overall, it's pretty unique and easy to wear.

    Here's my review today:

    Soapy woods with a plastic tinge. Wears lightly. Pass!

    05th June, 2008 (Last Edited: 29th July, 2009)

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