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    Fraîche Badiane by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

    Oh, first reviewer! I shall have to describe the smell then, in addition to ranting, raving. and sharing anecdotes. Fraiche Badiane reminds me of Guerlain's vetiver, or most vetivers for that matter. It begins with TART citrus, green grass, and anise. I love the anise, and it remains throughout. The finish is earthy, green, and a bit musty. It smells like my grandfather's armoire-- in a good way-- like the smell of European sachets on a bespoke, monagrammed jacket. I attempted to make Fraiche Badiane my signature scent but fate saw otherwise. My bottle was brutally slammed in a drawer in my SO's fit of petty rage, losing the spray part. I replaced the mechanism with a Jo Malone top-- however Fraiche Badiane's spritz was left more a akin to a sorry squirt, like a urinating cupid fountain. Later the bottle was broken by a drunken party-goer looking for bath oil. Red glass all over! Shame I am to fickle to re-purchase. I have moved on.

    02nd September, 2005

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