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    Ubar Woman by Amouage

    Amouage Ubar

    Ubar was a fragrance created in 1995 to celebrate Oman's Jubilee Year. It went out of production and in 2009 was re-introduced. The previous version was an EdT and this new version is an EdP. As with many of the Amouage scents this is no shy flower of a fragrance, although it is full of strong floral notes. The top of Ubar begins with a palate cleanser of bergamot and lemon followed by lily of the valley. This gives the top a green citrusy beginning. The heart comes in with a deep jasmine note followed by an equally intense rose accord. The indolic nature of the jasmine in conjunction with the spicier aspects of the rose make a beautiful duet. Starting at the top there is a hint of civet underneath the proceedings and in the base that civet comes to the foreground along with sandalwood and vanilla which add extra warmth to the drydown. Ubar is of a genre with the other scents in the Amouage line full of intensity and quality. Ubar has excellent longevity and sillage; enough so that like many of the Amouage scents a light hand on the atomizer makes for a better experience. Ubar was made for Oman's Jubilee Year but as a fragrance it is a floral jubilee all its own.

    16th November, 2009

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