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    Narcisse Noir by Caron

    Caron Narcisse Noir

    I'm not sure what it is that attracts me so much to the old style perfumers from the early 20th century but everytime I wear one of their creations I am struck by the possibilities and realizations of the artistry of perfumery. Ernest Daltroff's 1911 creation of Narcisse Noir for Caron is another of these moments. Narcisse Noir has a complexity and richness to it that it seems modern compositions lack. This isn't to say that modern compositions are inferior, in my opinion, just different; and M. Daltroff and his contemporaries very likely mirrored the style sensibilities of their era. I just know that wearing Narcisse Noir makes me want to see a revival of that style, again. The top of Narcisse Noir is orange blossom, bergamot, and lemon. The sweetness of the orange blossom is contrasted by the tartness of the lemon. The orange blossom stays in place as the narcissus makes its entrance and this narcissus comes in like a diva sweeping all away in front of it. Like a diva after making a smashing entrance she allows a few companions in rose and jasmine to come close but only so you admire the reflected glory. The base of Narcisse Noir is where the Noir part of this scent resides as a sheer white musk sits over a sandalwood and civet foundation. This turns Narcisse Noir very sensuous and feels like the clock has struck midnight somewhere in the world. Narcisse Noir has excellent longevity and above average sillage, on me. Ernest Daltroff, as the founder of Caron, has made many of the great fragrances all perfumistas adore but the one I return to most is Narcisse Noir.

    31st October, 2009

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