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    Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum by Helmut Lang

    Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum/Helmut Lang Woman

    In 2000 Helmut Lang had Maurice Roucel create two scents for each gender Helmut Lang Man and Woman. In reality they were two different strengths of the same scent with Man being the eau de cologne version and Woman being the eau de parfum version. It is curious that a brand like Helmut Lang which was known for its androgynous clothing designs actually made an effort to gender classify their signature scent. It is equally curious why he chose M. Roucel to design these scents as his scents have a lushness to them that also seems to be the antithesis of the Helmut Lang design aesthetic. Especially since these two scents are really only different in their emphasis on certain notes I find that I prefer the Eau de Parfum version as it has a strength to it that appeals to my aesthetic. The top starts out with a soft entry on a wave of florals dominated by jasmine and lily. This is a fleeting short-lasting top as the real business of this scent takes hold as musk and rose hold sway in the heart. This combination reminds me very much of Serge Lutens Muscs Kublai Khan as it contains many of that scents deeper muskiness without the intensity present there. The base of this is a creamy mixture of vanilla and woods including sandalwood mostly but joined by some cedar to add some clearly defined lines to the woodiness. Helmut Lang EDP is mostly about musk, on me, and it comes off light and appropriate for daily wear. Where I would never think about wearing Muscs Kublai Khan into the office I happily wear this one. Does that make Helmut Lang EDP, Muscs Kublai Khan Light?

    07th June, 2009

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