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    Déclaration by Cartier

    Cartier Declaration

    Jean-Claude Ellena is my favorite perfumer and as a result I look forward to wearing almost everything he has created. One of the reasons that I enjoy his creations is, as with my favorite rock bands, the song may be different but the inherent style is always on display. In 1998 he created Declaration for Cartier and this is a beautiful scent full of Ellena trademarks. What makes this stand out is it has a little more of a modern edge to it than others of his creations. That modernity starts at the beginning as he chooses to combine classic bergamot with a bitter orange note to create a tartness which is then joined by the rich spiciness of cumin. This beginning is brilliant on my skin as the aromaticity of bergamot cut by the bitterness of the citrus along with the earthy spice of cumin offers different facets to enjoy. Cumin averse colognoisseurs should stay away from this as the cumin stage lasts for quite a while and is not subtle. The progression into the heart is led by another spice as cardamom uses its fresher feel to lead into a central core of green edgy woods dominated by wormwood and juniper. These woods are tighter spicier woods which keep this scent just a little on the green side of things. The base is a mix of the green of vetiver and the clean lines of cedar bringing Declaration home in a fresh burst. Declaration is a beautiful scent all on its own but it is also interesting because it contains themes that will return in scents that Ellena creates over the next few years. Another winner from Ellena for me.

    18th April, 2009

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