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    Escada Homme by Escada

    Escada pour Homme

    There are some mornings I don't want to be inspired by my perfume or have my perceptions challenged or to challenge other's perceptions. Nope, some mornings I just want to smell like a man, without having to resort to wearing Old Spice. On those mornings my eyes fall to a specific part of my wardrobe and one of the scents that fall into this category for me is Escada pour Homme. Escada pour Homme was released in 1993 and is one of those easily obtained very reasonably priced bottles that smell much better than their under $20 pricetag would lead you to believe. If you look at the pyramid for this one you'll see a ton of notes listed. I'm not sure that all of those notes are there but the ones that are present make for a really nice scent. At the top is a well-balanced opening of lavender and citrus, this is a classic beginning and it is done competently. The heart is a very nice melange of spice with sage and pepper being the more prominent players but there is also some juniper and cinnamon there to my nose, as well. The base is a smooth transition, all sandalwood and musk, once again very well blended. Escada pour Homme is one of those scents that I can recommend very easily because of its economical price and its expensive feel.

    28th March, 2009

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