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    Ho Hang by Balenciaga

    Balenciaga Ho Hang

    Balenciaga would not be one of the first Houses that would spring to mind when asking a perfumista or colognoisseur to start naming Houses. That's a shame because Belenciaga as a House has put out some pretty bold and different scents which are still available at a reasonable price. On the women's side that includes Cristobal, Talisman, and Rumba. Sadly on the men's side there are only two scents left, Cristobal pour Homme and Ho Hang. Ho Hang was created in 1971 and for a scent created in the early 70's it manages to have that spicy oriental vibe of the time without feeling dated in the 21st century. Ho Hang starts off with the traditional mix of citrus and bergamot and while it is nothing new it is well-balanced and performs its function as the gatekeeper to lead you into the heart of this scent. The heart is a magnificent mix of rosewood and lavender. These two notes blend together to create a warm floral heart that is at turns sweet and dry, on me. The base starts with the clean lines of cedar and soon pairs it up with the green of vetiver which tempers the sweetness of the heart quite nicely. Ho Hang definitely hangs around on my skin for a long time and it definitely has some projection but not to the level of some of the big powerhouses from the 70's and 80's. If you're looking for a spicy Oriental that doesn't overwhelm give Ho Hang a try it just might introduce you to a new House.

    25th April, 2009

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