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    L'Anarchiste by Caron

    Caron L'Anarchiste

    It was early in my exploration of scents that I tried the Caron "masculine holy trinity" of pour Un Homme, Le 3me Homme, and Yatagan. They were all excellent scents on me. It took a little while longer for me to try L'Anarchiste. Richard Fraysse created L'Anarchiste in 2000 and it is encased in a striking copper bottle designed by Serge Mansau. This is one of those cases where everyone involved artistically on this should be pleased. The top notes are orange in the form of mandarin which quickly are joined by the clean lines of cedar. As this prgresses into the heart the orange becomes lighter and sandalwood joins the cedar to add a creaminess to the wood and to soften some of the edges that cedar brings to this scent. The woods stick around as a plush musk takes over and then the edge returns in the form of vetiver to round out the base. L'Anarchiste fits easily into the trio of Caron men's scents that came before. L'anarchiste falls closer to Yatagan than to either Le 3me Homme or pour Un Homme but really has its own unique place on the Caron spectrum. Looks like the "holy trinity" just gained a fourth.

    11th April, 2009

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