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    Philosykos by Diptyque

    Diptyque Philosykos

    It is always interesting to me to go back and visit the early work of aritsts I admire. These early efforts usually hold the embryonic beginnings of what will become their trademark style over time. Diptyque Philosykos is one of those cases. It was the third scent created by Olivia Giacobetti and released in 1996. It was interesting that Ms. Giacobetti was choosing to revisit fig as her central note as she had already used it in her first scent for L'Artisan, Premier Figuier, two years earlier. In that scent Ms. Giacobetti created a rich fig scent. In Philosykos her second take on fig was to strip it down to basics. Right from the top the fig bursts to life and come flying out of the gate. This is a green fig a few days away from being ripe. It is also a very dry beginning as if a warm arid breeze was wafting the scent of a fig grove towards you. As this progresses that imaginary fig grove begins to take shape as the leaves and the wood begin to accompany the fruit of the fig. Finally at the base this wonderful wet earth accord pulls this fig grove of the nose together in a beautiful way. Ms. Giacobetti will go on to perfect this accord in 2000's Frederic Malle En Passant but in Philosykos you definitely sniff its genesis. The overall feel of Philosykos of sheer central accords will be repaeated many times by Ms. Giacobetti and this is a good early example of what will become her signature style. Philosykos is one of my favorite fig scents because of that style.

    25th April, 2009

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