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    10 Corso Como by 10 Corso Como

    10 Corso Como

    Sometimes perfume is simple. Sometimes the fragrance just does what it is supposed to do. It always acts the same on my skin and it always produces the same response in me. 10 Corso Como, named after Carla Sozzani's Milan clothing boutique, is one of those fragrances for me.

    Olivier Gillotin is the perfumer behind this 1999 release and he uses some very common notes and doesn't really ask them to do anything more than exist. The art here is the balance he brings to 10 Corso Como which makes it so wearable.

    The top of 10 Corso Como begins with a zephyr of sandalwood and incense and that zephyr never stops blowing those notes to my nose. Eventually the breeze shifts slightly and it blows past a rose bush and I get a nice rose note with the sandalwood and incense. Then the best part of 10 Corso Como comes when the oud appears. The slight medicinal quality of agarwood is appropriate counterpoint to the slightly sweet sandalwood and incense. This middle phase of 10 Corso Como is the best part of the development. The finale is a mix of vetiver and musk which add an air of familairity to things at the end.

    10 Corso Como has below average longevity and average sillage on me. This isn't a work day fragrance for me because it doesn't last long enough but it is a great nighttime fragrance because it does last long enough for an evening out.

    10 Corso Como is one of those fragrances I reach for when I'm getting a sandalwood or incense craving and it scratches that olfactory itch for me every time.

    11th December, 2009

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