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    Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste by Giorgio Armani

    Armani Prive' Cuir Amethyste

    The Armani Prive line was an attempt by Armani to create their version of a niche line. The first two that I have tried of the Prives, Bois D'Encens and Vetiver Babylone have suceeded to my nose in achieving this goal. They were interesting if not terribly original scents which felt more niche than mainstream to me. I looked forward to trying Cuir Amethyste the 2006 release by Michel Almairac who did Bois D'Encens. This was billed as a violet and leather scent and it definitely lives up to it. Right from the top I get a beautiful full-on astringent violet and it is strong on me. If you do not like violet this will be too strong for you. I am a great lover of violet and so it is fine to my nose. A mix of patchouli and birch come into play as this progresses and it makes for a well-balanced and interesting heart. The base is where the leather comes in and this is a soft suede accord which is perfect to finish off the floral beginning. I have seen Cuir Amethyste compared to Serge Lutens Daim Blond and on my skin I don't agree. The violet comes off less sweet and more floral than the apricots in the beginning of Daim Blond. The final notes of suede are probably pretty close but the trip to that final accord is very different. Again I feel that Cuir Amethyste is a not terribly creative well-executed scent and if you like violet and leather it is worth a try.

    18th April, 2009

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