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    Divin'enfant by Etat Libre d'Orange

    Etat Libre D'Orange Divin' Enfant

    Antoine Lie has done two of my favorite Etat Libre D'Orange scents to date, Rossy de Palma and Vierges et Toreros. Both of those scents are very different and I was looking forward to see what M. Lie would do with a note list of: orange blossom, marshmallow, rose, mocha, leather, amber, musk, and tobacco. With a roster like that you would probably think gourmand but this 2006 scent doesn't come off like that on me. The top is the floral sweetness of orange blossom combined with the marshmallow note. This is that slightly sweet, slightly doughy note you get when you open the bag of marshmallows for the first time. It is that doughiness that keeps this from being too sweet. The sweet nature begins to modulate in the heart as the chocolate-coffee mocha note along with rose and a sweet amber keep this sweet. The coffee note is evenly balanced with both the rose and amber which keeps this from feeling like a coffee centered scent on me. Finally in the base the sweetness centers around the smell of leather and tobacco leaf combined with a deep musk. Divin' Enfant is a tone poem of sweet on my skin from the intensity of the top to a more restrained level in the base to a sweetness paired with animalic notes in the base. When I want something sweet that won't cause my insulin level to rise this is the style of scent I'm looking for.

    11th April, 2009

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