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    Contradiction for Men by Calvin Klein

    Starts out with a lot of sage, peppercorns, and nutmeg. Sounds very spicy, but actually very tame. This could either be very pleasing or disappointing, depending on you demands.

    It all boils down into a dry woodsy smell. Yes, very cool and warm indeed, so a bit of a contradiction. Also very avant garde for CK scents. The problem is that CK is not an avant garde company, hence another contradiction. The other thing is that there are so many different notes that can be detected as mentioned in the pyramid above that one thinks that you'd end up with a rather complex scent. The reality is that this is actually pretty boring.

    I guess it's good for everyday (night or day, any time of year, casual or formal), but not a must have. For those who "think" they want something different or "out there", but actually don't.
    Kind of smells like a new (minimalist) building. With new carpet. And some vanilla air freshener. You those car air fresheners that have a "new car smell"? It's kinda like that, with a slight woody edge. Could've been one of the rejected scents from Comme des Garcons. Imagine any one of their "numbered" scents minus the verve. There you go.


    22nd June, 2006

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