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    Lann-Ael by Lostmarc'h

    Lostmarc'h Lann-Ael

    Lostmarc'h is a perfume house located in Brittany in France. Lostmarc'h refers to the last beach in continental Europe. Lann-Ael translates to Angel Heath in Breton. This scent has been compared to a bowl of cereal with milk for the skin. With a note list of buckwheat, cereals, milk, apple and vanilla you can see where this comparison comes from. From the top for me I get the milk note but also a lot of vanilla and the apples are there but quite muted. Because I was in a cereal frame of mind when putting this on I found the comparison cereal to be Cap'n Crunch. This smells like I remember my bowl of Cap'n Crunch smelling after I had eaten all the cereal and there was a little milk left in the bottom of the bowl. What you smell at the top pretty much sticks around for quite a few hours as it develops it becomes creamier as the vanilla takes more of a central role. This is a really unique smelling scent that lasts quite a while on me. I can see wearing this to bed and having sweet dreams of my childhood.

    28th March, 2009

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