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    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

    This is a really fruity scent. It starts out with an oily, heavy tropical fruit introduction that then gives way to black pepper. Sometimes I notice the black pepper elements more prominently, and sometimes it's the tobacco. The tobacco note never stands out too much to me. It seems that the neroli and citrus scents dominate so heavily that the basenotes never reveal themsleves fully. The drydown is basically a calmer, less intrusive mix of the tropical smelling fruits (bananas, mangoes, et. al.)

    The scent is pretty sweet, almost sickeningly so, therefore it could function well on some women as an evening scent. For me, it's way too fruity and cloying. I do keep a bottle of this around since it has it functions on those "party" occasions when something quirky is called for.

    Many people consider this to be a formal fragrance, but I say it's more casual. It's also recommended for cool weather. While the "heaviness" of it makes it a good scent to "warm up" with in the winter, I think that it works equally well in summer, preferrably at night. It smells like a day on a tropical beach at times.

    A relativley safe buy, this is not a great blind buy. The sweet, oily, fruity, soap scent can be a bit intimidating, so try it on your skin before you buy. The longevity is great (if you like the scent in the first place) and lasts the whole day until you wash it off in the shower, where it still smells pretty strong.

    The primary saving graces of this scent are the pepper and the tobacco (when it's noticable). This is far from being a "thumbs down", but it's a bit much for me. Others swear by it, so it's all relative, I guess. A must try at any rate.

    13th June, 2006

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