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    Sweet Lime and Cedar by Jo Malone

    Jo Malone Sweet Lime and Cedar

    Truth in Advertising is a concept we believe in and one thing I can say for the Jo Malone scents I have worn, the notes that are on the label are the notes that are prominent. No Le Labo bait and switch here. This 2008 release combines two of my favorite notes and executes a typical Jo Malone style beautifully. The top is the fresh blast of lime full of tart energy. The sweet is provided by a mix of jasmine and ylang ylang. The floral character is there to add a little contrast to the tartness of the lime but not to be an equal partner. Therefore the top comes off very much as a full-on citrus. The transition to the titular partner of cedar goes through a layer of spices that are light and fresh. The most prominent of which is cardamom. This is a quick transition and it gets you right to the very clean lines that cedar affords a scent and here the cedar just lasts and lasts on me leaving me with the epitome of a fresh and clean feeling. Sweet Lime and Cedar is one of my favorites of the Jo Malone line and it wears better on me than the flagship Lime, Basil and Mandarin, while sharing some of the same thoughts in composition. Its nice when you get what you asked for.

    18th April, 2009

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