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    Kohdo Wood Collection: Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone

    Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily

    Jo Malone is a British perfumer known for their simple one or two-note fragrances. As a line they are usually very high quality and they are ideal for layering. That is why the 2008 limited release Dark Amber and Ginger Lily was so surprising to me. For the first time this was a Jo Malone which felt like it was meant to stand all on its own. So much so that I couldn't possibly think about putting anything on top of this because it is so nice it would ruin it for me. The top of this scent begins with a light combination of spices. First to my nose was cardamom followed by pepper and then ginger. This leads to the heart where the ginger slowly morphs into a lily accord combined with incense. This scent was inspired by Japanese incense ceremonies and it is here where that mood is most evoked as the combination of floral and incense comes off near-perfect for me. In the base is where the amber finally makes its appearance and it is combined with a suede-like leather and sandalwood. I'm not sure this is a "dark amber" but it is a deeper less sweet amber than is usually present in the base of most scents. For me this scent is a complete triumph as it mixes almost all of my favorite things and does it in a way that keeps it from being jarring or banal. From spice to floral incense to woody amber this scent pleases me on every esthetic level I hold for perfume. As mentioned above this was a limited release in 2008 but it was brought back in 2009 also in a limited release and is as the time of this review still available. For me this is the best Jo Malone to date and is one of my favorites in any line.

    04th April, 2009

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