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    Musc Nomade by Annick Goutal

    Annick Goutal Musc Nomade

    Musc Nomade is one of four scents in the Les Orientalistes line created in 2008 by Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal. The inspiration for these scents was said to be the smells of the harem. Up until now while enjoying the other Les Oriantalistes I haven't been whisked away to my mental seraglio. Musc Nomade achieves the stated goal admirably. Musc is one of my favorite notes to see interpreteted by different perfumers and in Musc Nomade MMes. Doyen and Goutal choose to go for the less earthy musc and instead use a combination of three white muscs to add a layer of brightness to this. At the top, the first of the white muscs comes out and it is paired with the nutty note of almond. The almond adds a little sweetness to the airiness of the musc and gets this off to a sparkling start. The heart undergoes a shift as the musc changes and gains a little more depth along with a new partner, tonka, Once again it is a little sweet mixed with the musc and creating a nice accord. The base is also a mix of musc and sweet in the presence of Bombay wood which is the sweetness of papyrus. As this progresses the musc gets a little more pronounced and a little more power until the mix at the end feels very sensual. This is a beautiful light musc which feels light on my skin but yet has a subtle intensity that I enjoy all during its development. No musc is ever going to be completely clean but Musc Nomade has the quality of feeling exotic and a little erotic which fits a scent trying to evoke a harem.

    11th April, 2009

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