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    Acqua Fiorentina by Creed

    Creed Acqua Fiorentina

    There are many times when I wear the best of fragrances from Creed that I am impressed with what they do with just a few notes. One of the latest successes in that area, for me, is the 2009 release Acqua Fiorentina. According to the note list this should be a fruity floral but on my skin it is a citrus plum wood fest and I never catch even a whiff of either of the listed floral notes of rose and carnation.

    Instead Acqua Fiorentina starts with a tart lemon note which is paired with an equally bright plum note. This mix of sweet and sour is really well done. The plum is lush and juicy while the lemon is austere and sparkling. From here the clean woodiness of cedar comes into play and it is the appropriate counter point for the fruit of the top. The base is a warm and creamy sandalwood and that transition also works nicely.

    Acqua Fiorentina has average longevity and modest sillage both of which are surprising coming from Creed.

    I have to say from a juice that is pink to a simple but compelling development I am surprised at how good Acqua Fiorentina is. It's probably a good lesson to not judge a juice by its color.

    11th December, 2009

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