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    Black Afgano by Nasomatto

    Nasomatto Black Afgano

    Alessandro Gualtieri is the head perfumer at Nasomatto and he steadfastly refuses to give out note lists. His reasoning goes that each wearer should experience a Nasomatto scent for themselves without any preconceptions. Which is a nice theory and for the most part works. Except Sig. Gualtieri then adds incredibly descriptive copy to his fragrances which while they don't point to notes, per se, they do definitely give you a direction to let your imagination run. If you believe the stories around the 2009 release Black Afgano, Sig. Gualtieri was inspired by the odors of good hashish and supposedly smuggled some into his lab so he could have a reference while working on Black Afgano. Based on that description I was expecting a richer take on the cannabis note from the two Fresh scents Cannabis Santal or Cannabis Rose. Instead I got a deep incense centered scent with lots of smoke, tobacco, oud, and patchouli. The top of Black Afgano lands with a resounding bang as right out of the atomizer I get a deep incense accord and this is paired with an unsmoked menthol cigarette tobacco vibe. This tobacco accord comes off the way a pack of menthol cigarettes smells after the wrapper is removed. The very slight mentholated note adds to the heady mix and accentuates instead of detracting. As we move into the heart a distinct oud appears, along with a smoky tea accord, which really deepens the incense feeling of Black Afgano while beginning to add some woodiness which is joined by some cedar. The base is classic dirty patchouli which Nasomatto and Sig. Gualtieri have used so well in the past. Here it seems appropriate and the next logical step in the development of this fragrance. Very late in the development, hours later, a hint of vanilla manages to break through. This comes so late it took three wearings to convince myself that I just hadn't somehow gotten another scent on me. Black Afgano is amazingly long lasting and was still detectable the next day after a shower! Funnily enough it is very much a skin scent with very little sillage. For a scent that was supposed to be all about the intrigue and danger of hashish Black Afgano, on me, is more about the incense one burns to cover up the smell of hashish. In any case I think Black Afgano is one of the best of the Nasomatto line.

    12th December, 2009

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