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    Wazamba by Parfum d'Empire

    Parfum D'Empire Wazamba

    Wazamba! Sounds like an alternative way of saying "Abracadabra!". I could see a magician making an assistant disappear and opening the box and shouting "Wazamba!" while the audience showed their appreciation for the illusion. Instead, according to the press release accompanying Marc-Antoine Corticchiato's 2009 composition for Parfum D'Empire; we are told a wazamba is an African musical instrument. A wazamba is also said to be mainly used during initiation ceremonies, for a scent so incense oriented that somehow seems appropriate. Wazamba comes off as the most church incense like fragrance I've encountered since Comme des Garcons Avignon. The top of Wazamba is a blast of arid frankincense. It is dry and smells like the finest incense from right out of a church censer. It is joined by the sweeter aspects of myyrh and then the resin is made even more intense as labdanum joins in. If you are an incense lover the beginning of Wazamba is beautiful and I think it is better balanced than Avignon at the top.Wazamba very slowly allows a pine note in the guise of fir balsam to makes its way in very gradually and it is joined by a clean cypress note, in the base. I really like the hint of pine that is used here as this is reminiscent of the same light touch used in Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant. According to the note list there is supposed to be an apple note somewhere in here but I've yet to find it. Wazamba is an incense forward fragrance with pine and cypress undertones, on me. Wazamba has excellent longevity and average sillage. As an avowed incense-aholic I like Wazamba as it combines a couple of features of two of my favorite incense fragrances and makes something I like as much as both of those. In fact it feels like Sig. Corticchiato placed a bottle of Avignon and a bottle of Encense Flamboyant in his magic hat, waved his hand over it and shouted "Wazamba!"; then out came something even better than the sum of what went into his magic hat.

    31st October, 2009

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