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    Rocabar by Hermès

    Rocabar starts out with a burst of fresh orange and works its way down into some sharp and pungent pine and cedar needles. It then settles down into a warm, creamy vanilla mixed with sharp cedar smell. This has a holiday feel to it because of all the pine, but seems best suited for late summer through winter. Reminds be a bit of the country in the autumn, with its forest scents and the smell of freshly cut hay. Not a leather scent, but has a bit of a saddle smell as Rocabar is a very rich and warm golden smell. Heady and somewhat oily, this reminds me of the rural Kansas of my childhood.

    All in all, not a "must have" scent and far from amazing, this is a good, solid masculine cologne that's sweet, but not too sweet. Very bold and rich, but not too dark or overpowering. A great autumn scent and proabably one of the best pine scents ever made (that I have tried thus far).

    19th June, 2006

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