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    Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

    Ah, yes. The pencil-shavings cologne. This is another masterpiece from Gucci. While not the complex melange of potpourri scents that made up Envy, Pour Homme is a simple, understated, bold beast. A basic scent that is not subtle.

    While the basic premise is "wood meets more wood", this is a scent with its own complexity. It starts out with a mild bite of white pepper that works its way into an incense descent (not as bold or bad as Rush, though). This brings you to the dry, almost astringent, wood base. I get some vetiver and amber after the ginger and incense parts, but not so much the leather. I guess it's more of a dry leather, not too oily.

    This is a great scent for winter and autumn. It could be used in summer, if used sparingly, but is best suited for cooler days and nights. It's incredibly warm and my skin feels and smells literally hot, as if warmth were eminating from the scent. Not for all people, but I can't resist the wood, white pepper and incense. A must try for all who like woodsy scents. Smells very masculine and noble (not Nobile). Brutal and classy at the same time. One of the rawest and most refined fragrances in the same instant. Keep this one away from the children. This is intended for adult use only.

    By the way, see if you can find the 30 ml travel spray. It's one of my favorite bottle designs and sprayers of all time. The color sums up the scent, too.

    An instant classic...for those who like this sort of thing.
    Recommended for those who liked the CdG Incense Series.

    13th June, 2006

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