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    Scent Gloss by Costume National

    I really like Scent, and I LOVE 21, so I thought Scent Gloss would be a hit. Unfortunately, it's not. A rather boring "spicy rose" with too little spice and too little rose for that matter. It's a safe scent for someone who is just not that into fragrance, but for anyone who's looking for something more interesting it will probably disappoint. On the positive side, it has fairly good lasting power on my skin, and to me the dry down is not the blah mish mash that others have alluded to (instead, one can still detect some rose along with the musk). Still, there are far better fragrances with rose, spice and musk out there (I'm thinking Gourmandises by Keiko Mecheri right off the bat as one). As Trebor said, 'Nothing to get your knickers in a twist." (LOL, I just love that phrase! note to self: use it on the kids!)...

    11th July, 2008

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