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    Covet Pure Bloom Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

    I own this, and like it, but nowhere near as much as the original Covet. The woman in the shop tried to stop me even having the slightest sniff of the top notes on the basis that , "it's too strong to begin with, but it gets really delicate". I think her definition of delicate must be somewhat different to mine. Though it absolutely smells more feminised than the original Covet (which while not totally unisex seems wearable by a man), it doesn't seem at all delicate.
    The top notes of plum, mandarin and coconut water I'm assuming are supposed to give it a tropical fruity floral kick. However, they seem to be the most transient top notes of any scent I've tried. Usually it takes about half an hour or so for me to be able to smell the middle section, but it was under ten minutes on the first go with this.
    Thus the kick is more of a prod and it goes all floral (as the name suggests). It's very like a bouquet on me. I like it, but it's going into my work scents pile rather than the wonderful pleasure pile.

    04th August, 2008

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