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    Stargazer 7.71 by Yosh

    I had heard so much about Yosh's perfumes and I love Stargazer lilies so I was all prepared to have found a new love. It was bottled in an adorable, tiny little crystal flacon with clean lines (think early Chanel No. 5 bottle) and promised good things ahead. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

    On me, Yosh Stargazer smelled like a cheap, knock-off lily fragrance which was cloying and needy. It keept shrieking, "smell me!". It only came in an "oil" so my wrist felt uncomfortably slippery after putting it on. And talk about long-lasting. This scent would not go away! Even after 6 hours, a hot shower and scrubbing my wrist with a buf-puf and soap, it was still annoyingly there. I hope whoever buys Stargazer smells and tests it first to see if they can live with it because for $130/1 oz. it is not cheap.

    If you want a true and perfect lily fragrance, my suggestion is Serge Lutens Un Lys or Frederice Malle's Lys Mediterranee.

    ps: Lest you think I am a Yosh hater, I adored Sottile by the way. Oil or no, it was a fabulous earthy rose fragrance.

    06th April, 2008

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