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    Relax by Davidoff

    This was chosen for me as a gift by my then companion during my year abroad in 1990-91. He had Cool Water, which was, at the time, wonderful (first I'd encountered it), because it hadn't "arrived" in the States yet, and, not yet being ubiquitous, was tremendously sexy for a guy in his 20s. So he chose Relax for me.

    Now, to Relax. Yuck. The drydown is too powdery for me. It has a complexity that doesn't feel well integrated, but overdone. The powderiness has a cloying quality that makes it almost unbearable in warm weather. The patchouli/amber feels too rich and aromatic and sweet.

    The astringent ingredients don't seem to keep this one clean. The sweeter and spicier notes dominate in the blend, and could really use that offset to keep it clean. That lack of cleanliness makes me only yearn for the craft of the much-maligned Cool Water even more (but one can't wear the same as one's companion). alas, I had to wait until the year was up to ditch this one.

    24th April, 2008

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