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    Sunday Cologne / Fantastic Man by Byredo

    Ben Gorham of Byredo has collaborated with the Dutch men's fashion/style magazine 'Fantastic Man' and produced a 'gentleman's cologne for 2009', which has taken 2 years from inception to production. With the concepts of 'subtlety' and 'simplicity' applied to the rest of the range, I was a bit wary that this being a cologne, it wouldn't project or last at all (I could hardly smell Gypsy Water). The notes used are pretty common in fragrances, but not so in traditional colognes. I was smitten at first sniff though with bergamot and star anise to the fore then cardamom giving it a nice kick. A heavenly lavender (never thought I'd say that) and incense mix then take over until they blend with moss, patchouli and vetiver to create a breathtakingly beautiful drydown to finish. The tenacity is surprisingly good -- I got 8 hours with a liberal spray. I am head over heels with this scent and for once all the hyperbole surrounding the fragrance is true. Fantastic Man is actually fantastic.

    23rd June, 2009

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