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    John Varvatos by John Varvatos

    John Varvatos

    The finest moment of JV is the opening with the delicious creamy date smell. I love it. Overall a sweet fragrance which I quickly learned does not last very long on my dry skin. Perhaps 2 hours at most. Yes, JV can last on fabric for 24 hours (clothing, bag, coat...etc, but on my skin it is very fleeting. I find this frustrating as I do prefer to apply fragrances on my skin. After I had initially dismissed my bottle as a "mistake" purchase, I began testing JV on different fabrics. On my carry-on bag, JV allows the creamy date smell to linger and it lasts over 24 hours on it. On my baseball cap and winter coat, the vanilla and leather seems to come out very well on those fabrics as well..

    Usually for daily wear I spray my inner shirt below my neck and the elbows of my shirt. When sprayed as such, JV does get tiring and very sweet. The sweetness is not really restrained, although not over the top as some other masculine’s ( Allure Homme). I believe JV works well on thicker fabrics, not soft and thin t-shirts.

    Anyways, JV is not a fragrance I would consider strong at all. When I first sprayed this, I was very apprehensive. It was a blind buy. Anytime I spray a fragrance for the first time, it catches me off guard no matter what. Initially I did not like it. That was over one year ago. But quickly I took a liking to JV. Top notes are fantastic. Unfortunately on my skin, the dry down does not reveal the black leather.

    It is difficult to recommend a fragrance that does not wear well on (my) skin. That is unless, however, like my self, you learn to live with applying JV to your coat, shirts, and carry-on bags. That way it smells nice, lasts very well, although I am not sure how bad this is for your clothing.

    The bottle is very cool looking with the color and faux leather around the bottle. The sprayer does not release a lot of juice. About half as much as some bottles I have.

    If JV works well on your skin and gives you good longevity, then this is a good fragrance. I am gonna go neutral on this one. JV could use some restraint in the sweetness; as well have more pronounced leather and more lingering date note.

    26th June, 2009

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