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    Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    This isn't my cup of tea. I sprayed some on the back my hand in a department store today. I cannot handle this scent. My guess is that the castoreum oil, taken from the musk glands of beaver and used to set traps by North American Mountain men in the days before westward expansion, could not have been far different from this. I have scrubbed the back of my hand three times with hot water and that strong handwashing liquid commonly found in restrooms. The scent must have penetrated my skin because it will not go away. I asked the ladies in the office what they thought about it and they were all equally repulsed. This after three scrubbings, mind you. So there's a positive. This stuff has BIG TIME staying power! My recommendation is that you test this and allow that special someone in your life to sample it too before buying. Oh yes, spray on a swatch or something and not your skin. From my experience, it will not disappear when you need it to do so. I am headed home now to apply vinegar or ammonia cleaner or whatever else I can find to the back of my hand before taking a hot shower. Different strokes......I guess.

    18th April, 2008

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