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    L by Lolita Lempicka

    By rights, this should not work. But is succeeds beautifully, the soft warm pull of taffy with a tantalizing whiff of salt and creamy stretches of vanilla. It is no secret to those that know me and inhale me that I love Lempicka fragrances and the work of Roucel, so this crème bruleé scented wonder has been a favourite of mine for a while now. Salt or the impression of salt is very difficult to execute in scent and yet when done with grace and just the right amount of almost culinary panache it can be astounding. It is all about seasoning. Getting the balances right. L is an exercise in potentially teeth-aching sweetness tempered by a subtle and rounded use of darker, more hidden influences. Like an enchanted object falling through the sea, glittering to attract the eye, L draws you in, laying down trails of sweetness to lure you down into billowy, forgetful depths. As the spell binds, reality creeps in; the sweetness twists and turns, confusing you. Suddenly you are drowning, sea water flooding through you. Then you open your eyes, you are on the beach, the sun is shining, the scent of caramelised golden suncream rising off your skin. Something glitters in the sand.....

    09th September, 2010

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