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    Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

    I tried if I could like JPG offerings: Le Male and Fleur D’ Male. These fragrances in my ultimate opinion (whether good or bad) are typical "metro sexual" realities! Thereafter, being a lasting and silage monsters is an impractical feature for insisting me to put them in any sort of regular usage.

    Thumbs Down for having these worst fragrances in my collection. I spent a quite heavy price to get them. Worst 2nd Buy in my 75+ collection is “Le Male” while the 1st one is "Fleur D' Male" (yakhhhhhhh!!!)

    And after getting these 2 from JPG, I learnt to try at least twice before buying any PERFUME!

    Final Conclusion: Only use in which I can put Le Male is to mix it with some sophisticated heavy & spicy fragrance to give a little sweet touch! And unfortunately can’t put Fleur D’ Male even for such a use.

    09th March, 2009

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