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    Or et Noir by Caron

    I recently received a decant of this luscious extract. I have to admit that it wasn't love at first whiff, but I've stuck with it over several weeks of testing. It's interesting about the Caron scents; it's rarely a first-whiff love affair for me. And I can never really figure out how one day, it's funk and weeks later the scent assumes a new identity. I've come to believe that most Caron scents require my olfactory bulbs to rearrange themselves; odd image, but it fits. Perhaps it's like acquring a taste for, and enjoyment of, good music, art and food. It takes time.

    Or et Noir fits this process for me. I now find I love it in all this hot, humid weather I'm living through now. The scent is what I might charactize as a "creamy rose". No edges, no pushiness; rather, this scent is rounded, soft and almost diminutive, except that it's got great sillage and lasts all day on me. I can see why other viewers referred to its wine-like depth and smoothness; like a good Merlot.

    Or et Noir is definitely from another time --- 60+ years to be exact. It's a sumptuous counter to our current facination with ozone, sea air, grapefruit, figs and chocolate. Or et Noir is a tone poem on the theme of "rose" that I've grown to love.

    21st July, 2010

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