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    M by Mariah Carey

    Surprisingly I like this scent! It's very feminine. At first I thought this fragrance would be nauseatingly sweet because of the marshmallows, but I was amazed. Actually I think its the marshmallows that give the perfume its predominate, moderate sweetness; it also gives the florally redolence of gardenia a kick to it's pleasantness. It's as though these two notes harmonize one to the other. Let me explain: Before smelling M or any other fragrance for that matter, yet being aware that other fragrances had gourmand notes, I thought the smell of them would be absolutely tacky smelling or that they would just overwhelm the natural scents. I could be jumping to conclusions but, now, hopefully, to me most scents with gourmand notes, I like, will just smell like the natural aromas, yet only enhanced by them.
    The design of the bottle is a bit tawdry, but the color of it is lovely. Purple is my most favorite color, especially this deep, bright, lavender hue.

    16th April, 2008

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