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    Double Fraîcheur pour Lui by Molinard

    I just bought a 100 ml bottle of this for £7.99. There was no tester so I bought it "unseen" as it were. I'm not sure if it's the man's version of Double Fraicheur or the women's.The one I bought is in a green box and bottle and it smells of citrus and mint, so based on Laurent's review, it's the man's. I had thought that the fragrance was unisex, but as Basenotes distinguishes between a man's and women's version I've probably purchased the man's version. No matter. I like it anyway. Now for my review:

    The opening note is quite sharp and lemony, but then it very rapidly transforms into the smell of newly mown grass, and finally, it dries down to a subtle muted mint smell.

    It's a pleasant, uplifting fragrance, but as Laurent points out, it's too short lived.I can imagine it being super to use on a hot and humid day (but we don't get too many of those in the North of England) and it could also be used as a base body fragrance (an all-over spritz) and layered under a sweeter concoction.

    17th October, 2010

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