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    Rumeur (original) by Lanvin

    This review is for vintage Rumeur. A scent called Rumeur was put out (I can't even use the word "reissued" in this case) a few years ago by Lanvin (or whoever owns the company now) that is absolutely nothing like the original version of Rumeur, which I had been curious about ever since I bought that awful new version from T J Maxx a while back.

    I had read elsewhere on the internet that vintage Rumeur was kind of medicinal smelling and heavy on the carnation/clove notes. But what I'm getting is spicy dried ginger note on a bed of very soft and subtle leather and oakmoss. If I didn't know what it was and somone had slipped their wrist up under my nose wearing this, I would swear someone had layered Serge Luten's Ambre Sultan with his Arabie. If you would have told me this was s Serge's newest release I would have believed it. This smells unbelivably contemporary.

    I sat up late one night watching the 1930's coffret of 4 Lanvin parfums that this was a part of on ebay because I was after the scent Scandal. However, Rumeur turned out to be the big surprise. The sillage is decent. This is a scent that can be worn by men and women. People keep saying that they can't believe Scandal was discontinued. Well, I can't believe Rumeur was. This scarce scent is highly unusual and should be experienced.

    11th September, 2009

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