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    Salvador Dali by Salvador Dali

    This 2' bottle of Salvador Dali (black lips) has floated around with me from various apartments and finally to my permanent home since the late 80's. Back then, I was primarily collecting perfume for the bottles. As an artist I was happy to have this bottle since I had studied Dali's work in my college art history class and knew it was his design. I had never attempted in all the time I owned it to get acquainted with the scent inside until recently. I have Basenotes and its contributors to thank for teaching me how to fully experience scents and helping me to discover the many treasures I had right under my nose if I would have just opened the bottles (vintage Jicky and Shalimar among them), dabbed some on and patiently waited.

    A few weeks ago I decide to try this and was so surprised by how beautiful it is that I could have kicked myself in the head for not trying it years ago. The opening notes are very floral which I'm usually not a fan of, but this is so well done that I can more than live with it. The sillage at this point is good, so a little bit goes a long way. As it starts to dry down the flowers seem to make a rapid exit and I start getting notes of rich leather and dark tea even though these notes are not listed in any description of this perfume's composition that I've found.. Eventually the tea recedes and the leather note becomes more prominent and the scent seems to stay like this for a while, which is great because I'm crazy about leather notes. At this point it smells quite similar to the leather in Bal a Versailles. In the extreme drydown stage the tea note comes back again and that's what's left as you wake up and smell your wrist the next morning. This scent is gorgeous! My bottle is old and tiny, so my fear is that I may run out one day soon if I keep wearing it the way I have been and when I attempt to replace it, the only thing that will be available will be a, most likely, reformulated and watered down version.

    08th August, 2008

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