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    Diabolo Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

    I wore this all last summer when the weather was hot and humid, and frequently in winter as well, and my bottle is almost gone. Who doesnít want to smell like the green drifts in a darkly shaded garden? The mint in the top notes is more the living plant leaves you bruise in your hand when picking herbs than artificial mint; I think some who were expecting chewing gum were disappointed and some who feared chewing gum never tried it, because this never got the accolades it deserved. Tomato leaves and matť add to the overall greenness, and the lush rose note gives a shadowy gravitas as well as an overall smoothness, but itís never dark or heavy, nor is it harsh and bitter. It stays crisp and cool right to the end, without drying down into vanilla or anything hideously sticky. Its biggest problem is that the end comes sooner than Iíd like, but itís the sort of thing thatís sensuously pleasurable to reapply. Itís not sweet, a refreshing change from the usual womenís fragrances, but, although itís feminine, itís only a womenís fragrance in the sense that a freshly pressed shirt and a black leather watch band are womenís items.

    The name refers to the juggling game and isnít a poorly spelled Ďdiabloí, in case you were wondering where the devil went. :)

    24th May, 2008

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