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    Le M‚le by Jean Paul Gaultier

    I thought I would hate this. Then at first spray, I absolutely loved it. Then I realized this is what all the douchebags in Montreal wear. Worst of all, they overdo it. Either way, once I put those associations to the side, I came to terms with myself, and admitted this is a masterpiece. Itís sexy, youthful, clean, and has the tiniest bit of barbershop accord to it giving it some class. Itís also unique in the sense that itís a gourmand that doesnít smell like cookies, but more like some sort of other dimension candy that doesnít exist. Although Body Kouros and Lolita Lempicka have a similar vanilla base to le male, those fragrances get annoying on me while le male just stays so fresh and amazing the whole time. Strangely, if this wasnít a synthetic, it wouldnít be so good. I also have to reluctantly admit that Iíd probably give this a 10/10 if it was niche or not so over-worn by everyone and their mother.


    04th December, 2008

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