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    Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Mostly vanilla and cinnamon to my nose, over a fecal, yet somehow strangely sexually-attractive musk. It's not dirty per se, like Musk Koublai Kahn or Kiehl's Musk, but there's a strange fecal musk in the base that's leathery and magnetic. This stuff has a definite "wow" factor to it it'll make you take a double (if not triple) sniff in a row - that is, granted you can smell the musk in it... To explain what I mean by that, I need to bring to light the fact that some people think this smells like cinnamon buns, and just cinnamon buns, while others say it smells like sex. This leaves me convinced that some people are anosmic to some of the many different kinds of musk in Musc Ravageur - and believe me, there's a lot. The musk is actually what makes this what it is - without it, this *would just be cinnamon buns. And so, no wonder people are sometimes underwhelmed by MR.

    In terms of wearability, Musc Ravageur is a little more feminine than masculine, but definitely unisex IMO. I feel a little weird wearing this, as it's kind of like a leathery, dirty vanilla fragrance, but it's just so strange and intriguing that I can't help wanting to smell like it. It's definitely not conventional. I'm still torn on whether I love it because it smells great or because the musk in the base is so strange and compelling, but either way, Musc Ravageur is a terrific creation that's incredibly enjoyable.


    07th December, 2008 (Last Edited: 18th August, 2009)

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