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    Black Aoud by Montale

    In a nutshell, Black Aoud is a lush bouquet of dark, moist roses over a base of Cambodian aoud (which smells like something along the lines of medicinal, animalic sandalwood) and patchouli.

    Overall, Black Aoud (BA) has a very strong character, and gives off a vibe that is both romantic and mysterious. While itís a little too strong for my liking, many will rejoice in its concentration and longevity/tenacity (it'll last on clothes for 48 hours +). Very unique and sensual. My favorite of the 6 or 7 Montale's I've tried, however I prefer to wear Montale's Attar, as it doesn't scream so much for attention. Unfortunately, the only time I can see myself wearing this is on an excursion through the Sahara desert or walking the streets of Hindu Kush, surrounded by potent spices and flowers - BA is just too strong for me to pull off comfortably here in the West.

    If you like Dark Rose by Czech and Speake, you'll love this, as it's a kissing cousin of the former, but with much better quality ingredients.


    07th December, 2008 (Last Edited: 13th August, 2009)

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