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    Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain

    A perfume will rarely smell how I imagined it smells in my mind, and this is no exception. Those expecting a fragrance that is solely vanilla-dominant may be disappointed, as SDV opens with a strong bitter/sour red berry/cherry (it's actually pink peppercorn) note, a huge blast of high quality, natural-smelling cedar and a touch of rose and ylang ylang. While I was initially pissed off that the vanilla only emerges in the drydown (along with benzoin), I now appreciate this beauty for what it is. If it was vanilla and only vanilla all the way through, I could see myself getting annoyed. Instead, SDV evolves beautifully throughout the day - it starts off tart and stimulating, then shifts gradually towards a woody heart. Finally, a few hours in, you're left with the thick and boozy vanilla you've been waiting for.

    Great stuff overall, and even though the bitter berry notes threw me off a bit at first (I believe the berry note can even be interpreted as pipe tabacco by some), I've grown to love every stage and note of SDV. It might not be the perfect vanilla fragrance in the classical, simplistic sense, but it's a fantastic interpretation.

    As a side note, while Indult's Tihota (another ridiculously expensive vanilla fragrance) might be on par with SDV in terms of being one of my favorite vanilla-based scents, I might mention that SDV is not only the one that's somewhat worth its painfully high price, but it's also more interesting.


    04th December, 2008 (Last Edited: 21st August, 2009)

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