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    Cruel Intentions by By Kilian

    Sampling Cruel Intentions, I mostly only got aoud, vetiver, a bit of bergamot and castoreum (leathery, animalic musk). I actually found Cruel Intentions to be quite unpleasant at first, as it's very "dirty" smelling. I enjoy aoud on its own and castoreum as a supporting note in other fragrances, but the combination of the two wasn't so great on me. To an unsuspecting nose, the notes of aoud and castoreum together can be rather strange and off-putting.

    Although I didn't quite "enjoy" Cruel Intentions, I still respect it. When I first tried CI, it made me re-define my perception of what perfume could be. It might not be conventionally "good" and doesn't fit the mainstream idea of sexy, but it does fit into some strange compelling niche with its dark animalic vibe. I picture Cruel Intentions on a mature man, with a strong ego, who's defining qualities are power and reputation instead of romance. It definitely provides the wearer with an aire of "je ne sais quoi."


    Edit: A year later after my original review, I've worn this multiple times and have grown to like it a lot - I just wasn't ready for it. It's slightly sweet, dirty and unique. I'm changing this from a neutral to a thumbs up.

    New Rating: 8/10

    07th December, 2008 (Last Edited: 08th July, 2009)

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