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    Acqua di Sale by Profumum

    IMO, it is very linear; it does not develop over time on my skin. On me, it is very anisic, with a powerful, artificial musk base that is reminiscent of fresh laundry. Which can be nice as part of a bigger picture, but on me it stayed on those two notes (licorice musk) like a laser beam for 12 hours. In my opinion, the CDG fragrances that do the fresh laundry-ozonic thing are preferable, if they don't give you a headache. And I agree with the other reviewer who said that Sel de Vetiver is a more successful ozonic scent; it is a fully-developed, rounded-out scent with a nice evolution that includes vetiver and iris notes.

    To be fair, I am not a fan of the "marine" scents. I feel they are like the "grape" flavoring in hard candy that we have all come to label as "generic grape" but bear no resemblance to any fruit found in nature. In the right hands this kind of artifice can be inspired, though. Take Jean Claude Ellena's Eau The Vert, which has come to represent the smell of green tea, but really smells nothing like it. My hope is that the technical and artistic challenge of re-creating a convincing impression of fresh ocean breezes will push perfumers to try new ideas and take chances. Hope springs eternal...

    29th October, 2008

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